Terms and Conditions 

Effective date: 08/03/2017

These Terms and Conditions of Sale (“Terms”) are between you ("you") and Scissor Guild (“Scissor Guild,” “we,” “us,” or “our”) and control orders and pre-orders placed by you for Scissor Guild's products (each a “Product”).  Please read these Terms carefully before submitting your order or pre-order (collectively“order”).  Your order confirms you consent to these Terms.


    1. Eligibility. You must be at least 18 years old to place orders for Products. You represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years old. 

    2. Payment.  Payment must be made at the time your order is placed. 

    3. Changes.

                1. Pricing and Availability.  Prices for Products are posted on                             our website, www.scissorguild.com.  Scissor Guild reserves                            the right to change the prices of its Products on a going                                forward basis at any time in its sole discretion.  We do our                              best to ensure that the prices posted for our Products are                              correct, but errors may occur.  If we discover an error in the                          price of any Product, or the availability of a Product you have                        ordered, we will inform you of the error as soon as possible                            and give you the option of reconfirming your order or                                      cancelling it.  If we are unable to reach you regarding the                              error, we will cancel the order and refund payment to you.  

                2. Products  

                        1. We reserve the right to discontinue or change the design of                           any Product at any time; 

                        2. The designs and materials of pre-order items may change                              during the manufacturing process.

                        3. We make reasonable efforts to accurately represent the                                 colours and materials comprising our Products but we                                     cannot guarantee the accuracy of your computer display                                 when viewing images of the Products on our website.   

                        4. We make reasonable efforts to represent each Product as it                           will be delivered to you, but you understand and agree that                           the final Products delivered to you may differ in appearance,                         construction and function from the images and descriptions                           provided at the time you place your order.

                        5. If you are dissatisfied with any Product, you may return the                           product for a refund according to our refund policies set                                 forth in Section 4.  

        4Refunds and Exchanges

                        1. Cancellations. You may cancel an order at any time before                               shipping.  To cancel your order, please email                                                     info@scissorguild.com.                           

                        2. Returns & Exchanges.  We are happy to exchange or provide                           a refund for Products which are unused and suitable for                                 resale, as long as you return them to Scissor Guild                                           within 30-days of the date of shipment.  If you want to                                   return or exchange your Product, please email                                                 info@scissorguild.com with your order number and exchange                         or refund preference.  We will email you with instructions on                         how to ship the item(s) back to us.  All returns and                                           exchanges must be approved before you ship the Product                               back to us.  Unapproved returns or exchanges may be                                     rejected and returned to you.   Other than returns or                                       exchanges for damaged Products, you are responsible                                     for the cost of returning and/or exchanging Products to                                 us and those Products are your responsibility until they                                   reach us, so please make sure you package your return to                               prevent any damage to the items.  We recommend that you                           ship your return using a service that allows you to track the                           items you are returning.  If you are exchanging a Product you                         are responsible for paying any increase in price between                                 your original Product and your exchanged Product, as well as                         shipping costs to return the exchanged Product to you.  You                           must pay any additional amounts before we will ship the                                 exchanged Product to you.  If the cost of your exchanged                               Product is less than the amount paid for your original                                     Product, will apply the difference to any shipping fees and                             will refund any remaining balance to you.    

                        3. Refunds.  Your refund will be applied to the original form of                           payment. Please allow up to six weeks for refunds to post to                         your account.    If for any reason, Scissor Guild is unable to refund to the original form of payment (for example, due to a cancelled credit card or a closed PayPal account), Scissor Guild will make every reasonable attempt to contact you to arrange for the refund.  

                       4. Damaged Products.  We will gladly exchange any Product that                        is damaged during shipping from us to you, so long as we are                        notified about the damage within 72-hours of your receipt of the Product.  Direct shipping costs related to the exchange of a damaged Product for domestic (CAN) orders will be reimbursed by Scissor Guild.  Please email                                                        info@scissorguild.com regarding Products damaged during shipping; photos of alleged damage may be requested before any exchange can be processed.  

    5. Shipping.

    1. Standard Shipping.  Shipping costs for in-stock Product orders are charged at the time you place your order.  Most orders for in-stock Products are shipped from our facilities within seven business days of receipt of your order and payment.  If there is a delay, we will notify you by mail or email. Items ordered together may not arrive in the same box. Orders containing both in-stock and pre-order Products will be treated as pre-orders and subject to the provisions applicable to pre-orders. 

    6. Transfer and Risk of Title

           Unless stated otherwise herein, or otherwise agreed to between you            and Scissor Guild, title and risk of loss of the Product passes to you              upon our delivery of the Product to the shipping carrier, and you are            responsible for any loss or damage to the Product from that point.                Claims against a carrier for damage during shipping are your                          responsibility.  

    7. Taxes

           Tax, tariff, import, customs, and other charges applicable in your                  jurisdiction (“Fees”) may be charged at the time you place your order             or you may be required to pay such amounts prior to receipt of your              Product.  You are solely responsible for all Fees in connection with your        order.  If you are unable or unwilling to pay any of the Fees associated          with your order, we reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to cancel          your order and return your payment.  We reserve the right to refuse to          cancel your order if the order is held in customs because you are                  unwilling or unable to pay the applicable Fees or other charges                      assessed by any third party.

    8. Export Control

           Products may be subject to export control laws and other laws and                regulations of Canada and other countries. You are responsible for                compliance with all applicable export control laws and                                    regulations, and you represent and warrant that you will not export, re-        export, or transfer indirectly or directly any Product in violation of such        laws and/or regulations.  You will defend and hold Scissor Guild               harmless against all claims, damages, or liability resulting you’re your          breach of the foregoing.

    9. Use of Products. 

          Products are for your own personal use and not for resale.  You are               responsible for complying with all applicable laws, regulations and               ordinances in connection with your use of the Product, including,                 without limitation, all safety laws.

    10. Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

         Scissor Guild guarantees the Products we manufacture against Materials      Defects for up to five (5) years from your receipt of the Product                    (“Product Lifetime”).  “Materials Defects” means defects in seams,                zippers, snaps, rivets and other hardware and textile materials.                      Your sole remedy for Materials Defects is to return the affected                    Product to us for repair or replacement. Scissor Guild will, at it’s sole           discretion, choose to repair or replace products with repair typically             being the preferred course of action.  For any Materials Defects that             occur during the Product Lifetime, repairs and all related shipping costs       are on us, with the exception of any customs, duties, tariffs or taxes             incurred by shipping new or repaired merchandise back to you.  Beyond        the Product Lifetime, we may offer repair services at set fees.  All                 warranty claims must be approved by us in advance.  Please email                 info@scissorguild.com regarding all warranty claims; photos of alleged         defects may be requested before any warranty claim can be processed.

         This warranty does not apply to:

                    1. General wear and tear, damage from extreme use, or uses other                    than the Product’s intended purpose;

                    2. Cosmetic variations and changes in Product appearance due to                     exposure to sun, weather, water, heat, cold, abrasion, or use of                     third-party cleaners or conditioners.  Materials may change in                       appearance over time, and such changes due to age are not                           covered by this warranty.

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