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Scissor Guild is a company founded in Montreal offering products made by hand with the peculiarity of being both robust and eco-responsible. Our mission is to give a second life to everyday materials and objects by creating timeless products that will follow you throughout your life. Our conviction is based on the idea that our products, produced locally and by hand only, guarantee quality, durability and respect for the environment. By producing top quality products and limiting waste through the reuse of scraps from other projects, we are committed to creating affordable products.  We hope to pass on our passion and vision with you of a manufacturing industry that is both local and sustainable.




Our convictions:


Ecological practises


Throughout the design and manufacturing process, we strive to reduce our footprint on the planet. At each stage of product creation, we have implemented a criteria of sustainability. Some of our collections are made from recycled materials and all our products are packed in recycled paper or cardboard. Moreover, our entire supply is sourced from local manufacturers whose values are in line with our vision of a craft industry living with its time.

Multidisciplinary design


We are constantly creating new product collections. Our collection of limited products is comprised of various items. Most products change depending on the materials we have in stock or according to a new arrival of materials. Our ability to work on several different projects allows us to be a multidisciplinary company. Limited collections will be on sale during some events as well as on our collection page.



Heavy-Duty Products


We source our materials from reliable distributors, providing several areas such as defence, commercial and automotive industries. Some of our materials have a military standard seal (MIL-STD, MIL-SPECS), so they are intently tested for durability and longevity. On our part, the binding of these materials makes our products almost indestructible!


Internal production could be add to our list of convictions, but it deserves a paragraph to itself. Scissor Guild's root values are based on the determination of producing all of our creations by our trained team in house; we do not sub-contract any steps.

Starting from an idea, all the way to the publication of a collection, each stage happens in the workshops of Scissor Guild. Productions cutting, patronage, sewing, our hands touch at all stages of production, until the products come to your hands.





Wood products:

Wood is a noble and warm material, a perfect medium to use in our creations. We use several wood species in various off-collection and limited edition projects.  For our available collections, walnut and bamboo are used, both sourced from North America. We select these materials because they reflect our convictions of using quality and responsible materials.

Again, all products are manufactured by our team, sanding the pieces by hand. this arduous work is felt through the quality of the finished products.

Presently, we offer a collection of Georgian bamboo shot glasses, as well as a baguette kit for travel.




Walnut wood

We use walnut because we believe everyone deserves the right to get acquainted with quality wood. It reflects the organic approach we have throughout our natural collection as well as a lifestyle based on living surrounded with positive energy, which wood expresses.  


North-AMerican bamboo

We source our bamboo from North American bamboo cultivators, currently from a farm in Georgia. This way we are not transporting bamboo over thousands of miles by boat from Asia, therefore reducing our carbon footprint. We also promote sourcing materials locally.

Our Team


The skilled team that makes up Scissor Guild is composed of friends and co-workers. Each one of us has a special set of skills which is applied throughout every piece composing our company.

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Thomas is the founder and operator at Scissor Guild, he found himself starting this company after having travelled and lived "off grid" for a little while. His conviction to create seamless products and content are a real devotion to making the best for our customers.


Eva comes from a long line of seamstresses, quilters and knitters, and was taught these crafts by her grandmother and mother. She loves to create modern goods with age-old techniques. 


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